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Commercial Acquisitions

At ONE Street CP, we approach all acquisitions by first understanding the client’s objectives & risk profile. Then, by leveraging our earned relationships, in-depth market knowledge gained through years of experience, focus on creativity through multiple perspectives, and data from our owned properties, we identify viable acquisitions both visible and off-market that are truly value-add. Throughout the process, we provide our clients with expert advice, negotiation expertise and follow-through. ONE thing we understand is that no good Commercial deal is cookie cutter, and dedication to our client’s success showcases the true edge ONE Street CP can provide over the competition.

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Our Difference

Commercial Acquisitions that Add Value

ONE Street CP agents utilize Commercial Real Estate leading platforms such as Crexi and Costar, off-market properties, and a vast network of partners to research & discover potential optimal properties for our clients. ONE Street agents work closely with the client to derive and communicate a property’s investment potential through:


  • Risk & Yield Analysis
  • 5 & 10 Year cash flow projection models
  • Internal rate of return (IRR) calculations
  • Capital accumulation models
  • Discounted cash flow models


First, ONE Street CP will identify commercial acquisitions that are both on and off-market and match a buyer’s investment risk and yield requirements. Our data team will then create potential scenarios through custom developed formulas and cash flow projections to ensure viability. These projections include 5-year cash flow, current market trends & conditions, as well as grounded property evaluation. We take a strategic approach to each project, considering all risk factors and how to best achieve desired yields and maximize tax benefits. Our team members hold series 22 & series 63 securities licenses, and we’re proud to offer our clients creative and innovative investment & acquisition options that other firms often miss. 

Local Experts

ONE Street Commercial Properties are experts in the Washington, DC Metro Area. We have been in the industry for over 20+ years. Through many deals - both our own and on behalf of clients - we have made the connections and partners needed to move a project from start to finish.

Nationwide success

Make no mistake, although we are experts in the Washington, DC Area, we have carefully crafted a nationwide presence built off partnerships & connections that allows us to undertake projects anywhere in the USA backed with our expertise.


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