The Costs Of Doing a 1031 Exchange Explained

1031 exchanges are an excellent way to reduce your taxes and build wealth. But what are the actual costs associated with doing one? In this article you will find a complete breakdown of all the fees associated with properly carrying out a 1031 exchange. For an in depth understanding of how to do a 1031 […]

The Ultimate 2023 Guide to 1031 Exchanges

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Leasing Commercial Property For Business

Leasing commercial property can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is especially true in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. With government, technology, contracting, consulting, law offices, non-profits, associations, hospitality, small businesses and many other types of businesses calling the DMV home, it can be difficult figuring out the processes in acquiring […]

How to Calculate Cash on Cash Return

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16 Things To be Aware of When Leasing Medical Office Space

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A Complete Guide to Finding Commercial Real Estate Deals (2022-2023)

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